Starting Your Fitness Journey

Starting Your Fitness Journey
May 15, 2017 2 Comments Fitness admin

Jump Start Your Health & Fitness

Starting you fitness journey can be as easy as deciding that you want a healthier, fitter lifestyle starting today,
now. Your fitness journey shouldn’t have to wait for next month or next Monday. The road to a happier, healthier you begins by stepping on it now.

Things To Do

This are just a few pointers that may help you to take some action and begin living the life you want to live. It is not as difficult as it seems. You just need to make up your mind.

Get a Food Journal

The very day you realize you want to feel better, do better and be better, you write down everything that enters your mouth. Our diet (here the things we habitually eat) is instrumental to our health and well-being. It may seem a little tedious a first, and sometimes you might forget. However, this is pivotal to really see and acknowledging the things you are feeding yourself. So as soon as you remember, you retrace and write everything down. Sweets, soda, water, salad, the egg sandwich, chicken dinner, that slice of cheesecake, that scoop of ice-cream, even the cookie you couldn’t resist at the store, you write everything down and you be completely honest with yourself. Each day review, and from here you make better choices when you can.

Get Moving

Some people wait before they start a fitness program. I don’t, and you shouldn’t either. Once I’ve purposed that I need to exercise or train more, I begin moving that very day. Sometimes that same hour. If you have a fitness program in mind, fantastic. If not, there’s a world of fitness and instruction out there, and I am positive that there is something out there for you. A program that can challenge you and get you to where you desire to be.

In the meantime your body is your equipment and you would be surprised, what some basic bodyweight moves can do for the absolute beginner or even the active seasoned fitness professional.

Define The Purpose & Your Goals

Personally, my main reasons for training has been increased strength, endurance, flexibility, I have dreams of being a ninja. I also absolutely love how I feel as my body is improving. I love lifting a bucket full of water and realizing it’s so much easier than the last time or doing 100 consecutive squats like a dream. I feel like I can do anything

I find I can be very critical of myself, sometimes the tape measure does not move, and my weight goes up. As result, I don’t pay too much attention to these measurements. What gets my attention is the way my clothes fit and also the way my body feels. When I touch my thunder thighs expecting fat and instead I am greeted with muscle and a diminishing amount of fat. When I feel this all over my body, the only thing I can do it happy dance. I’m no ballerina, but all I can do is twirl around.

So set goals that you can measure and know why you are doing this, why do you want to be healthier, why do you want to be fitter? It seems obvious, but writing these down help you to stay grounded and focused on your objectives and goals.

Failure: A Prerequisite of Success

Lastly, most fitness journeys are riddled with potholes, sometimes we are derailed into ditches. This is especially true for us lay people out of competition mode, who are not typical working or Olympic grade athletes. For you and I, we have to really dig into the depths our hearts to exchange the old (comfortable, pacifying) habits, which really only wore us down, for newer ones, which will, in the long run, lift us higher than we ever thought possible.

When I miss a workout for whatever reason, I consider it an unscheduled rest, and sometimes my body really needed it.
The next day I get right back to it. Once I missed 3 consecutive workouts, I resolved that quite possibly it was just my body taking a break, this was after 3 weeks of intense training, the following week I was back at it, better than ever. My point is, once you miss 1 or 2 workouts, don’t over think it, get back on track as soon as you can.

Also, so much goes into a diet, presently I am just making the best choices I can with my finances, you do the same with yours. Educate yourself, and make the absolute best choices you can most of the time, if not all, and when you give into that chocolate pie enjoy it and get on with your life and your journey.

There is so much that goes into exercising, training and just living a healthier lifestyle. The point of it all is for you, the individual to be able to live a life that is not limited by persistent ailments many of wish can be combated with nutrition and good old physical exertion

Are you on a fitness journey? I would love to know more about your goals and aspirations. Are you thinking about changing your lifestyle? It’s difficult in the beginning, but we soon realize it becomes more difficult for us if we don’t make the right decisions when we can. Thank you for reading,
share your thoughts with me.
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    Bianca Karina

    I’ve been struggling with logging food. I know it works but remembering is always a struggle. Also, has anyone else noticed how fitbit has a very limited food database for how widespread its use is??

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      I’ve been searching for the perfect app for that too. I have a little pocket notebook that I keep close all the time, this is what I write everything in. I’ve also been looking into a photo food log, I think that would be a great option.


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