Doing The Important Things

Doing The Important Things
May 1, 2017 2 Comments Everyday Life,Fitness admin

Sometimes I allow the various situations that constantly come up in my life to sidetrack me, to take my focus off the important things. What are the important things you may ask, well in my life it’s important for me to;

  1. Share the beautiful message of the Gospel
  2. Read my Bible
  3. Work out, can be as little as prancing around the house,
    or outside for a little

When I do these things my days are filled with so much joy and energy, mostly because of the first 2 things, and I just love to exercise and train hard. The days I workout are oftentimes some of my most productive days

These days I am turning into quite the business woman,
my entrepreneurial spirit is alive and kicking. Still, I am relatively young to all this, so much of my time is spent trying to engage with material that will help me to grow in experience and knowledge for my fields of interest. It can be very difficult at times to process the information as quickly as you are receiving it, but I guess that through apply what I am learning I will eventually grasp the concepts completely. This definitely is a rabbit hole, the online world, I think in time it will be very important for me to figure out what I do best, to focus on these things and just keep the rest for when they may be applicable. This will be a struggle for me, as I am a Jane of all things, I do not fully understand why, but I love to have my fingers in many different things

Through this my heart will have to be trained, I anticipate that there will be many testing incidents, which leads me back to my list at the top. I know that it is only through Gods word that I will find my way. Only through His word, not only hearing it but by allowing it to enter my heart -by… if you haven’t guessed it “denying myself”- will I be able to traverse these waters with my head on my body.

Many days I feel like a mad ant trying to complete tasks,
take care of the children, feed them, clothe them, bathe them, tend to their hurts, play with them, chastise them, teach them, clean up their mess. Where they are concerned my work is never, ever finished. There are also many days when I am disappointed with myself because I failed to complete a goal I had set for myself. In all this, I am learning and growing. What does the future hold for me? Love, peace, joy and a bunch of other graceful things that can only truly be found in the Gospel. The other things well that will just be the icing on the cake.

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    Hey Nat! See you got the site up and running! I’m rooting for you, expecting good things!

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      😀 Thanks, I’m praying for lots of grace with this and the other things I have coming up.


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