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Who Am I?

Optimistic realist, adventuring lioness, language learning parrot (haha). I hate injustice, but I love grace. Mother of two, parenting and making her place in the professional world. My dream is to travel the world, taking people on tours, teaching English, giving fitness instruction, helping and sharing with people however I can, with my family.

Story time

Through this website you will see the story of me unfold. There is much to be discovered. This page will change overtime, as I am sure the website will. As I find the pieces that fit and let go of the ones that do not. Stay tuned.


During this tour you will be exposed to different aspects of my professional and personal development. Below you will find the different areas of my life that will be featured in this all inclusive tour.

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Tour Guiding

Management & Travelling

Catch up with me on my travels as a tour guide. I will share some of my highs and lows. Learn with me as I gain more confidence and experience.


Career Development

Cutting it as an Entrepreneur

Here we will find out if I have what it takes to break through my ideas and become the entrepreneur I hope to be.



Fitness, Food and Natural Medicine

A happy Natalee is one who is eating healthily and working out. Join me as we explore the world on food, fitness and exercise. We will also track my journey as a football referee.

Get in Touch

If you need to contact me this is the best way, you will receive a response in short order.